Dustin the Wind

Dustin heard the pitter patter of rain drops slowly get louder and louder as they turned into larger and larger rain drops hitting louder and louder until they turned to hail and hit harder and harder until they shattered his window causing glass to come cascading in with a torrent of rain drops ruining his favorite rug. Then he opened his eyes and realized his dream had just become a nightmare. Dustin stared again at the rain clouds outside the window hoping they would turn darker and let the rain out but could come short of the hail so his rug would stay safe. But it was not about to happen.

Why did Dutton wish for rain? It was a bad summer and they needed the moisture and if he told you that was the reason he wanted the rain it would be believable enough. But that wasn’t true. His lawn looked awful because he was not willing to pay the water bill that it would take to properly irrigate it so that could be true? Nope. The entire country was in a drought? Yes but not quite it either. Dustin wanted the rain so he could not blame the rain for not doing a damn thing all day. He wanted to blame it on the rain. It seemed like rainy days were those reserved for staying inside and wishing it was sunshiney so life could be fun and enjoyed outside! But when you have nothing to do… a rainy day can be a real handsome sight.

Dustin was not depressed. He was not down in the dumps or down on his luck – this was real life. He supposed most people passed the time with kids or hobbies. They were out taking their kids to amusement parks or going to the gym, rock climbing or meeting in coffee shops or some other malarkey. But to him it all seemed so far away. Where was his golden hobby that made him so busy that took all his time away? He could list off reasons why each one did not work for him but that would just be boring and pointless. He lived his life. Trust Dustin, nothing excited him half as much as Mallory loved to run or how Greg loved his kids. Next to them he just felt inferior and like half a person.

And he was half a person! They always seemed to have these fantastic lives! Greg was married and even catching a beer with the friend was near impossible with all he had to do and then he had his wife too. It seemed so perfect. If perfect included boring because all he could talk about the kids and show pictures and regale Dustin with boring chatter about what his kids did. Then Mallory had this running group and they all had so much fun and she was always hanging out with these people and talking running stories that were so boring but all you could do is nod your head and smile because you knew they thought they were so entertaining. All Dustin had to talk about was work. And it had all been so much that it had pushed Dusting a little too far…

In light of all this, Dustin did something he was ashamed to admit. He signed up for an online dating site. He thought the people on there would be interesting and cool and perhaps even good looking and he was sure they were out there somewhere perhaps even on that site but something had went wrong so terribly wrong that he gave up. On his first day he thought to himself I will pick out five girls that I think are about my style and send out quick questions and I am sure my profile will get a few hits as well. This should work out pretty well. But in reality? None of the girls answered and the few who did reach out to him were all pretty overweight and Dustin realized maybe he was not as good looking and/or interesting as he had thought and that thought was more disturbing than being single and alone so he destroyed the profile a week later and never looked back!

And destroying the profile made him feel good – real good in fact – but much like buying a new car or going on a shopping spree it was only temporary and less than a week later he felt incomplete again and wanting something a little more to help him through the mess. And once again he went back to his work friends both around 30 as well and realized that they had something they were willing to give themselves too and he wanted to go out and become part of something but there was nothing he really liked so much that he wanted to go do it every day. The girl would be fine because kids would be a logical step. He was 31. It was time to work on that direction if his life was going to go that way? But obviously that was not looking like the right idea.

Dustin was lost and he still couldn’t blame it on the rain. It still wasn’t there. What would a “normal” person do? Go to the mall? Only high schoolers there nowadays. Go to church? It was Sunday but that idea seemed more insane than running. Give your mind and body to a guy you weren’t sure about existed? No thanks. At least he would have better stories if he twisted an ankle. Dustin picked up his phone and looked at it. He thought he heard a vibration. It was nothing. He wondered to himself if the lonely thought they heard more rings than the busy? It was an interesting query. He hated the patheticness of looking at his phone constantly wishing something would happen even on Facebook so he could comment on it!

So on this not so fine but not quite dreary day, Dustin had not hit rock bottom but he was not getting any closer to his non-pronounced goals. Perhaps he needed goals to fulfill his wishes! He ran to his bedroom and got out a pad of paper and a pen and thought what to do, what to do? But the paper remained blank as he ran the thoughts through his head and shot every one down – travel, career goals, family? But all were futile without clear ambition and that was something Dustin clearly lacked. How had this happened he lamented to no one in particular. I’m not a bad guy! Even bad guys have clearly defined ambitions! He checked his phone again. Nothing. Maybe he would log onto Facebook and see if it had missed an update?

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. How is that possible? Who knocks on doors anymore? Dustin dazed off for a second and thought about that. How odd and cool someone was coming over unannounced? Then another knock woke him from his thoughts and Dustin stood up to get it. As he strode across the room he declared to himself – this is a sign. I am being told by a higher being that this is the direction I need to go from now on. I will take this opportunity by the hand and have it lead me to where my new path in life is! Without even looking though the keyhole, he opened the door and opened his heart to the life waiting on the other side…


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  1. Terriffic! I miss stories like this. It’s more interesting to me when I know the written. Keep it up! I don’t have enough reading material these days.


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